Minutes: 20th May 2021 – HSE update

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There were 18 members and guests in attendance.

Robert Bradford welcomed attendees to the online meeting and introduced Dave Charnock, Principal Inspector, HSE Edinburgh.

Presentation from Dave Charnock to introduce himself and re-establish lines of communication as well as give an overview of the HSE workplan for the coming year. Details of the work plan is available on the HSE website and Dave provided an overview of the key points.

The plan takes into account that there may be changes due to covid and that the formation, development and embedding of the Building Safety Regulator may influence how the construction division structures and undertakes its work.

Inspections and high hazard regulation will focus on:

  • A respiratory risk health campaign is planned for Q3 of 2021, the focus for this will be dust and effective dust controls and may also include other potential respiratory risks.
  • Licenced asbestos work
  • Proactive inspections, including ‘major project’ interventions
  • Re-cladding interventions – primarily in England
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of offshore assets

Investigations will be carried out for all fatalities, other reported accidents and ill health conditions in accordance with HSE incident selection criteria and reported concerns.

In relation to the pandemic response the HSE will currently include checks on covid related controls along with any investigation or inspection, no dedicated covid spot checks are being carried out at the moment but this may change if required. The HSE will also continue to support the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) in the delivery of an industry recovery plan.

Other activities across the sector include supporting and communicating innovation and developments, Revitalising CONIAC as the primary coordination body for H&S in the industry, promoting mental health strategy and the HSE Talking Toolkit and the Asbestos Licencing unit may take on a wider remit as part of the review of the 2012 Regulations.

Full information on the meeting can be found on the Scottish Construction Safety Group website http://www.scottishconstructionsafetygroup.org.uk/

Robert Bradford asked for any members interested in getting involved with Working Well Together to get in touch.

CECA have an upcoming Drug & Alcohol seminar on the 3rd June, contact Robert Bradford for an invitation.