Minutes: 21st of February 2019 – CITB Site Safety Plus

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There were 21 members and guests present at the meeting. Roddy McLean introduced John Bissett from the CITB who was giving an update on site Safety Plus and changes within the CITB.

John advised that he was looking for feedback on Site Safety Plus to take back to the CITB before the system has been finally agreed. As most people know the CITB is selling off most of its centres although the outcome of the sale isn’t yet known. The main centre of the CITB will be moving to an office complex in Peterborough and the centre at Inchinnan may not be the office in the future. The CITB will mainly focus on grants, funding and Site Safety Plus. The CITB is pulling out of the management of CSCS (they will still manage cards and provide information) which is being sold and CPCS which has been sold.

To date Site Safety Plus has delivered 72,100 safety awareness courses, 28,300 SMSTS courses, 16,000 SSSTS courses and 1100 Directors awareness courses as well as refresher courses e.g. 5,200 SSSTS refreshers. The numbers attending these courses is more or less static over each year. Site Safety Plus has been running for approximately 40 years after being introduced to raise safety awareness standards. It has grown over the years from the SMSTS to all of the other topics covered including all the one day and specialist courses requested by the industry. The number of courses will remain the same with the exception of the courses for shopfitters and interior workers. The standard required for trainers has been raised significantly to the extent that some sectors have difficulty finding trainers.

The consultation on the health and safety awareness course exams has now closed with the papers now including safety critical questions (always the first three questions). To gain a CSCS card the individual must complete a touchscreen test and the health and safety awareness course exam.

The SSSTS course and exams have been reviewed and there are four safety critical questions and instead of a case study there is now a small suite of drawings that can be used. These drawings are used to look at tasks and the project. On the second day there is a five minute presentation. The SSSTS course gives supervisors a basic knowledge which can be supplemented by attending the more detailed SMSTS course.

For providers there is easier access to materials through log in to the website; the site also gives news, updates and has a FAQ’s section to assist. There are new short video clips covering asbestos, work at height, CDM, manual handling, accident prevention, waste materials and confined spaces.

Site Safety Plus accounts managers are being appointed throughout the country.
Tutors must have qualifications and experience and there will be more quality assurance.
To aid development CITB requires more industry feedback.
There will be a greater focus to ensure that training is accessible to all.
Courses may have bolt-on’s for example to suit the demolition and building maintenance sectors.
All courses have a scheme of works.
All scaffolding courses will be delivered by CISRS accredited providers.

When asked about common problems John advised that many companies send attendee’s who are not ready for the course and do not meet the minimum requirements, often to fill a space that has been paid for. Many clients demand for example that all supervisors must attend the SMSTS course as they are unaware that more appropriate course (SSSTS) might be more appropriate for some staff. Although most tutors can cope with the problems they encounter.

More information on the scheme can be found on the CITB website.
If you are interested in improving Site Safety Plus and are interested in assisting please contact John.

Roddy thanked John before moving on to other business.

Site Safe Scotland is on the 21st of March which clashes with the next meeting. If you have any topics you would like raised please contact Robert Bradford.

The Group is looking for assistance from any member who would like to devote some time to assisting the industry.